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System Ambassador


Are you interested in becoming a Bama Belle System Ambassador? If so, please take a moment to read the info on this page and submit your application! We are always looking for young ladies who would love to join our sisterhood.

What is a System Ambassador?

A Bama Belle Ambassador is a young lady who exemplifies everything our system is about.  A young lady who is Charity driven, Has a servants heart, Is a supporter and encourager, Is a role model to those around her. Someone that can make others feel loved and included. 

It is very important to us that our pageants are known for being family friendly, a place where everyone can come and leave with new friends and feeling like they are a part of our Pageant family. Its so much more than a competition. We are a sisterhood. I love my pageant kids of all ages. I strive to make sure every kid knows how loved they are

Our Ambassador program is a select group of young ladies who are ages 5 and up and they have been chosen to work charity drives together as a group, crown at events, take fun trips as a group to bond with her fellow sisters, be role models and represent our system at our pageants and outside of our events. If this sounds  like something you or your child would be interested in, please submit your application for consideration. We will review all applications submitted and once a candidate has been selected, we will announce it on our page or our next pageant. 


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Thanks for submitting!

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