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Magnolia Worthy

Magnolia is 6 years old with a big heart, kind soul and the sweetest spirit. She loves Jesus and strives to shine His light everywhere she goes. She enjoys dancing, gymnastics, art and building with her legos. Magnolia loves spending time with her family and friends, whether it’s going to church, watching movies or playing games, she just enjoys the fellowship. If you are ever at a pageant that Magnolia is at, you will find her cheering for all the girls and giving words of encouragement to those around her. Magnolia also enjoys giving back to her community through volunteer work and donations. If you were to ask Magnolia what she wants to be when she grows up, she will tell you Peter Pan because she never wants to grow up!

Magnolia was selected to be a ambassador because she is EVERYTHING we want our Bama Belle Girls to be. She is ALWAYS kind and smiling. She is so polite and genuine. She's humble and confident at the same time. She is the total package! We are beyond blessed to have Magnolia as a part of our Ambassador program! 

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