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Harleigh Hendrix

Harleigh is an 8 year old girl who loves doing gymnastics, reading, drawing, and arts/crafts! She has a heart of gold and loves everyone! She loves attending church every time the doors are open! She has a big place in her heart for helping others. She opened the first registered little free library in her home town. She said she wanted to make sure kids could always get books even when Covid-19 closed everything down. She loves pizza, ramen noodles (only the chicken flavor), and potato salad! She enjoys going to gifted classes at school each week and just loves school in general! She wants to be a Veterinarian when she grows up so she can save as many animals as possible and get all the puppy snuggles!

Harleigh was selected to be an ambassador because she embodies everything our System stands for! She is kind, humble, giving and has a heart of gold! Watch out world because this girl is going places! 

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